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If your machine not available java???? How do you know that? Yes. You can know that java installed to your machine or not. There have various ways.
  1. Control panel >> check that java were installed.(if java were install the icon will show)
  2. In command line type javac and press enter >> show some symbols and some valid commands.

  • Warning:
To show these things you have to set the path. I will show you how to set the path in presently.

Above steps are primary steps to know that machine had install java or not. OK. Do you have java in your machine??? Yes. so this below instructions are not relevant to you. But i think that it can improve your knowledge. Now i put how the java installed to the machine.

Installation of JAVA

To install java first you have to go to the web site. You can go to that site using following link.

After click the link you came there. Then select platform(Windows, Linux, Salaries,etc ). Then click download button. Then ask that your user name and password. If you regitered there you can add your user name and password. If you not its not problem. You can skip this step.

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