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I'm kalpa prasad. Undergraduate in University of colombo school of computing(UCSC) in sri lanka. Now a days we(our group) have to create software for our printing department. So we decide to create a standalone stock handling system using java. I also beginner to the java. So i think in this blog we can share knowledge. I post all of things that i knowing and you can comment for that and we can share our knowledge and keep it up.this is the main goal of this blog.

I think that beginners for java can join with this blog and they can get lot of knowledge. I would like to invite all of expertise in java to join with us and share knowledge. At the end of this program if you get something of this blog it is the major thing of this blog. The name of this blog is swowner. This means Software Owner. I believe that end of this blog you can be a Software Owner. So finely i would like to invite all of the people who is interest about java to join with www.swowner.blogspot.com.

All the best and thank you...

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